Friday, January 02, 2009

My Mini Martha

Here is my Mini Martha today, preparing the feast the 2 of us would share togeather tonight. Of course it was a simple Corned Beef or Silverside. But I am rather fussy with cooking it with the right balance of added ingredients for maximum flavour. So today I shared those secrets with my bebe, she was so into it, as this is one of her favourite meals. But it also was one big experiment for me as this was the 1st time I have used my new beautiful LeCreuset pot that I got for Christmas. How long would it take, would it be just as good as always, would it be better??? Mmmm getting hungry just thinking about it. Anyhow as it happens we spent the afternoon with a dear friend and her beautiful daughter, you know who you are, you are so special!! that I forgot to put the pot on.. So improvised dinner of odds and sods, and pot on to cook for tomorrow night.
Well I forgot I had the pot on until 9m tonight, because I finally got the pink VW bug out of garage for a dusting and drive around town and out in the country. I did take my camera to take some pics of our adventure, but again I was just in the driving spirit that no pics were taken. Perhaps over the weekend she may be more lucky. She may even get a wash and polish if the weather is kind.
Well tonight after realising at 10:30pm beef still in the hot pot, it was time to remove and carve. Oh wow beautiful, tender and so so tasty, Le Creuset has my seal of approval and I cant wait until dinner tomorrow night. My mini Martha will be so pleased with her culinary skills tomorrow...

Forget food for now (hard I know) and a big thank you to Sue
for this wonderful blog award. Your far too kind you know. But now I have the pleasure of giving you dear readers 5 blogs that I think that are just fabulous. So no secret here that I stalk these blogs for all their wonderful and inspiring creations these wonderful woman create and share with us.
Numer one of the ranks is that dear friend... Jen Crossley
Number two is Mixed Media Extroidenaire Judy Wilkenfeld
Number three is an amazing artist, love everything she creates, Viola
Number four is an ATC magical genious Gaby Bee
And number 5 is just too hard to come up with as there is so many so I will leave you with this link to one of my favourite stamp designers who again has bought out another must have range of stamps. Now the decision which ones to buy, all I can say is I wish the Aussie Dollar was better then I would get them all.

Love Sarah


Judy said...

Wow lovey-thanks for this honour. So what do I have to do to beat that chick Jen??????? And no I am not moving to Ballarat. lol. Cooking sounded mighty good.

Jen Crossley said...

Hm corn beef my fav.Thanks for the award Sarah Im honoured after seeing your newest creation today,your amazing.(dont leave town with it)LOL
Dear LiL Martha she is just such a beautiful girl with a beautiful giving spirit

Chrisy said...

...thanks for sharin these links...

Gaby Bee said...

I'm really honored, Sarah! Thanks so much for the award but it truly belongs to you! Hope to see more of your creative art work.

Gaby xo

Viola said...

Thank you so much, Sarah!! And I have to agree with Gaby! :o)))