Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inside the Halloween Book.

Thought I would share some of the pages inside my Halloween Book that I have been working on. Its still a work in progress, something that I can pick up and add to whenever it takes my fancy. I also found the inner scrapbooker in me again and did a couple of photo pages of my daughter dressed up a few years back..

This book has given me plenty of pleasure lately and hopefully one day all the pages will be filled with frighfully fun and spooky objet d'art..

Inside the Halloween Book Part 2

Gee isnt she a cute little witch?

Happy Halloween

Love Sarah


Friday, October 15, 2010

Open for buisness.

My etsy store is finally here and open for buisness. You can find my mini books and jewellery here at Saimba's Etsy Store.

Get in while you can as once these are sold, no more will be made until January at the earliest.

And trust me its going to kill me not being able to be creative for a couple of months.. Arrgghh the joys of being an army wife and moving all the time.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and kind comments along the way, I would love to be able to press a button and thank each and everyone of you, (I am sure there has to be one here on blogger) I just have to find it.. LOL

Love Sarah


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy busy busy...

I am still floating about, been busy busy busy of late with getting house ready to move interstate in a couple of months, and of course getting in the last bit of creativity before the madness of moving, and all my supplies are packed up until January.
I have finally decided to open up my own etsy store, which I am in the process of doing, and hope to have items listed in the coming days.
There will be some jewellery items, Mini Alice in wonderland books, and my other vintage victorian inspired mini books, which I have several new designs to share with you.
So stay tuned, if you follow my blog you will be the 1st to know when Saimba's etsy shop opens in the coming days.
Love Sarah

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pause in art transmission to remember

this time 9 yrs ago, I had just fed my 8 week old baby, I placed her in her bouncer ready to let the dogs out and wake my man to go to bed when i saw on the late news a plane had flown into a building in the US. Thinking to myself, what a terrible accident, a small plane off course. I phoned my mum, as i always do every night, I was telling her about the news, so she turned to that channel. As we were watching togeather via the phone we witnessed that 2nd plane flying into Tower 2. I remember clearly I swore quite a bit. Woke the man up then, I didnt even give him a chance to rub his eyes when I unloaded this upon him. Bless him, Straight away he said Terriorists. I was like "WHAT!" This was the night I learnt about terrorists other than the IRA. This was the night that the world changed, the night we would never see young children see inside a cock pit of an areoplane again, this would be the night to see my husband go to war for the 2nd time, this would be the night that would eventually see many of our friends not make it home from war, (Tash always thinking of you mate), this one night would see so many people die, and continue to die from diseases from the all the contaminated dust that fell from those 2 buildings, and the on going war in Afghanistan. As a young mum, I was frightened, scared to death, of what the future held, and does hold. And all i have to say to you who did this, who changed the world is... fuck you. Fuck you, fuck u fuck u.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buried deep..

I have been buried deep in all things wicked and spooky of late. I decided that I was sick and tired at looking at this half finished Halloween Book for neally 3 years. So out I pull it, and all the accompaning junk that I have hoarded for 3 years and bury myself deep into finishing it.
I am almost there, its no masterpiece by any means, but its my little book where I can keep adding to it over the years of Halloween Images and little pieces of spooky art that I may create. Some of which I will share closer to Halloween. Now off to clean craft room, ready for the next creation..

Friday, July 30, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Mini Book

Yes you guessed it another Mini Book. This one is on Alice in Wonderland using Graphic 45's beautiful themed paper. I even pulled out some paint on the weekend (something I do not do often) and injected some colour into the covers. Just dont know if I can stop making these little books, still a few more ideas in my head to make a couple more, so more may be on the way.
Love Sarah

Little iddy bitty mini book

I have put the jewellery tools down this week and taken up making more little mini books. Not much else to report on, however I do want to say a HUGE thank you to you lovely people who keep returning to see what I have been up to and leaving such lovely warm and encouraging comments. Thank u...
Love Sarah

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little mini book

Just before I went on hoildays back to Melbourne I made this little mini book for my dear friend Jen for her birthday. I am so glad she liked it. Inside is many pics of some of the wonderful adventures and antics that we have got up to in the past. Now I am all unpacked I am itching to get upstairs and get creating again..
Love Sarah

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Inkurable Stampers Guest Artist- Gothic Arch-Steampunk

I had the great pleasure of being this months guest artist over at
Inkurable Stampers. The challenge was to make a Gothic Arch in the theme of Steampunk. I had a wonderful time stepping up to the challenge and thank u to Sarah for asking me. Jump over to Inkurable Stampers to see my interview and to play along with this months theme..
I would also like to thank Julie from Collections for allowing me to use her new chipboard arches as a template for my metal arch.. Many thanks Julie.

Gothic Arch-**Steampunk** Necklace

I was such a roll with my challenge of Steampunk for Inkurable stampers Gothic Arch challenge this month, that I also made a necklace..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ned's Head

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to create something about Ned Kelly. Our famous, rugged bushranger from the early 1800's. So a couple of weeks ago I thought, I wonder if I could do it with metal, so I started to bang, pull, twist and play with some copper sheet metal. Then Ned's head appeared, and the rest just fell into place with making a rather crude hammered steel jump ring chain. In Ned's head is 3 photos of him through different stages of his life which you can view by looking through his slit in his helmet.
Above his helmet is a vintage police buckle that Jen (see she is to blame for all this jewellery making) LOL and hanging from the buckle is an etched brass bullet, representing the many bullets that were fired upon Ned in his famous gun fight at Glenrowen.
Love Sarah

More jewellery making going on

Yes I defiently caught the jewellery making bug.. (thanks Jen) Here is another piece I have been playing around with. Again Tim Holtz'z clock faces which I adore, an aged circle mirror with those cute kids from Collections and beautiful crown bezel.
I am loving the process of jewellery making at the moment, the whole piece making, glueing, riveting, screwing, chaining, sawing, etc. Its very fullfilling when something comes togeather and works, and that is pretty too helps..
In regards to some emails I have recieved about selling my jewellery pieces, I have to say I really am in 2 minds at the moment about it. Call it a lack of confidence mainly, but also some of the supplies I use. For example the metal wire and findings that I use are no where near superior like sterling silver or gold in that fact. Many of my pieces are made from annealed steel wire and copper which can and does tarnish and rust with time. So I dont want somebody to return in 2 months time saying my chain has rusted, or links tarnished etc.. And lastly I really wouldnt have a clue on how much to price my items. See its just dilemma after dilemma that I struggle with. I am sure I will come to a decision soon enough, but for now, I am just happy to learn, experiment and create.
Love Sarah

Off with her head

While I was making my "Marie Marie" book, I got totally distracted with experimenting, learning and making some jewellery pieces. I unfortunately didnt get down to Melbourne while Susan Lenart Kazmar was out to learn all her tips and tricks. But I was inspired to give many of her techniques a go. So I opened her book, watched her DVD and after the lovely Jen sent me a jewellers saw to play with, I got stuck in.
This piece is inspired by one of Susan's pieces she designed on her DVD, I used one of my favbourite Zettiology stamps as the etched design, I just removed her head. The picture inside the window is an old etching picture of Marie Antionette being lead to her death, hence I have named this piece "off with her head."
Lastlty I would like congratulate my dear friend Jen Crossley on opening her wonderful new website A Mark in time. where there is yummy goodies for making all sorts of wonderful creations.. Go forth, stop by, and enjoy what she has to offer..
Love Sarah

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marie Antionette Mixed Media book

Introducing ***Marie Marie***, a mixed media book on Maire Antionette.
I had the great pleasure of taking a weekend class with the uber uber talented Judy Wilkenfeld in late 08 where we learned many of her creative secrets in creating wonderful mixed media books that tell a story.
After the last couple of years of collecting bits and pieces, and getting the story of Marie and the sequence of how "I" wanted her story to be told, she is finally complete. Please enjoy the slide show of her story through my eyes.
Love Sarah

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dream princess...

Here is one of my latest necklace creations named "dream princess".
I am loving using Tim Holtz's latest products, they lend themselves so well to jewellery. I adore those clock faces...
Love Sarah