Saturday, March 18, 2006

Up up and away......

This morning we woke to an amazing sight. A hot air balloon that was filling with hot air just across the road from the back of house. We watched it take off, and of course we waved and all the people waved back. Anyway we quickly got dreesed and raced up to Mt Pleasant and to our astonishment their was 16 hot air balloons in the sky. It was so surreal, a truely amazing and memorable sight. The photo over Canberra with all the balloons doesnt do it any justice.
Anyway update on Imogen. Went to the doc again yesterday and once again couldnt find anything wrong with her. If she hasnt come good by Monday she is back to the doc for blood tests. I shall keep you posted.
This afternoon we went down the road to watch Barry play footy. It was a practice match. It was RMC verses ADFA, and RMC won.
Whilst we were there Imogen perked up a bit, so fingers crossed we are seeing the last of whatever it is.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quick Update

Quick Update on Imogen. Still no good, we took her to the ER at Canberra Hospital early yesterday evening, and after a "very" looooong wait they told us she """might""" have constipation. However we disagreed and they sent us on our way. Today a number 2 came out, so no constipation there, however the little one is in so much pain and is very lethargic, not eating and drinking.
So the plain now is, hopefully she gets a good nights sleep, and assess the situation in the morning, but it's likely I will take her back to the doctors and have it out with them. So I shall keep you updated on Imogen, and fingers crossed all is well in the morning..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pialligo Apple Orchard

Today Imogen's pre-school went on an excursion to the Pialligo Apple Orchard, which is just down the road. And to much of Imogen's disgust, I went along to assist. Well if you call taking loads of photos assisting, well I did a great job then.
It was a totally organic orchard, and the apples were 'delicous!!' We were able to pick 8 apples, then go back up to the apple juicing shed to watch how juice is made, then able to taste test and buy a bottle. It was 'bonza' I tell you.
Imogen is still a bit off color and seems like the problem is easing, but hasn't totally gone away. Poor little bugger, at least her mind was of her belly for a few hours today, with the apples, and her little mate Georgie who popped over for a play...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

+++Sunday Update+++

Sunday Update. This morning we went out the back of the acreage and waved to the QUEEN yes the real one... In my PJ's, coffee and fag in the other hand. Thankfully she couldnt see us, but we saw her car and her entourage. Then we went to old parliament lawns to see a whole heap of cars.. It must be a man thing. BORING yawn yawn, but we were not there long, as Imogen has been very sick this weekend with stomach pains.
This afternoon we took her to the doctors and she has "mesenteric adenitis" yep try and say that 10 times over. Bascially it is swollen lymph glands in her belly, and mostly misdiagnosed as appentisitis. She is looking better now, but I will be keeping her home from school tomorrow, just in case.
Anyway here are a couple of shots of today, sorry none of me waving to Her royal highness in my PJ's, but one of Imogen and Georgie who we bumped into at the car thing, and for those who loved the tent city, here is another from a different angle....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Front yard BBQ

Hello there, last night we had a BBQ on our front lawn with all Barry's work mates and their families. It was a great night, plenty of food, in fact enough to feed an army.. ha ha
Yes I know you all saying, "the front yard?" well to anwser that is that there is plenty of room for starters, shade, and the carport came in handy after dark, so the fellas could watch the rugby, and listen to to music. Anyway here is a couple of shots from last night.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another sneak peak

hello all here is another sneak peak of the easter book I am working on. Neally finished. Nothing exciting happening here, Imogen is off to the army band tomorrow with pre school and they all have made shakers out of toilet rolls and rice to play along with them. The kids have been told the army band know wiggles songs, so Imogen is quite excited.
Just for Nic, the markets arent like the vic markets, they are like a craft market, but with a lot of old daggy arts and crafts if you get my drift. No doubt we will chat on the phone about it.
Bye for now

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Today Imogen and I went to Hall markets and I was quite dissappointed in them. Not much there considering its suppose to be the biggest in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps may years ago it was, but its nothing special. I did get a new dogs mat and Imogen had her first pony ride. And yes I did forget to take my camera with me, which usually never leaves my bag. After lunch Barry came home and shall be spending more time at home for the next few weeks. Hip hip hooray.... This afternoon we went up to the sergents mess for a few drinks, not much to report on there, so the only other exciting thing to report on is my easter pop up book that I working on so here's a sneak peak....

Saturday, March 04, 2006

****SKY FIRE****

****SKY FIRE****It was brillant. We went up to Mount Pleasant this evening to watch all the displays sky fire had to offer. The view was unreal. The Roulettes were there doing their acrobatic displays, and from the Mount we had front row seats as we were the same height as them flying for most of their display. Then came the fire works. A 20minute display of color. Enough said we hope you enjoy looking at these shots as much as we had taking them. Also caught up with friends up there so it was a really enjoyable night.
Nightey night.xoxoxox

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Vegies have sprouted

Hello all, not much to report on today. Linda went home this morning, so Imogen and I had a lazy day at home. However I thought I would share a couple of photos of our potted vegie patch. Its not much at this stage, with winter not far off, but it is a start, and we are enjoying watching them all grow.
So far we have a capiscum plant, brussel sprouts for Barry, brocoli, Imogen has her carrots just sprouting, hopefully in time for the easter bunny, if not for snow men in the winter, and I have my parsley which has finally just sprouted.
Tomorrow we are going to plant silver beet for the birds and onions.
Barry will be home tomorrow afternoon for the night and hopefully we will go up to the top of Mount Pleasant and watch "Sky Fire" which is a huge fire work display over the lake. I really dont like my chances trying to get a good vantage point on the lake, so we will stay close to home and hopefully get a good spot on Mount Pleasant. Nightey night for now....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Parliamentary theatrics

Well today we visited old Parliament House and the new parliament house. The first was interesting as it is so small compared to the new one, and the guide we had let us in on some old stories of past members.
The new one is huge in comparison, and is very different in decor. We even got a chance to go into the house of representatives and watch question time. Needless to say they are brillant actors on the tax payers stage. The theatrics and BS was quite interesting, and one feels like yelling out, "and I am paying tax for all of you to act like kindergarten kids" however one doesnt do such a thing in the public viewing area. Wish I could though. However they dont allow cameras or phones into the house, so obviously no photos of the man himself, Johnny Howard, or any other puppet in the great show of parliamentary theatrics.
I did get a photo of tent city, which at the moment, has few inhabitants, but the fire still burns, and will do for some time as there is massive amounts of fire wood on the lawns in front of old parliament house.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

War Memorial & Royal Australian Mint

Today Linda and I went to the War Memorial while Imogen was at pre-school. It was fascinating seeing and reading all about past wars etc... This is truely a must for anyone coming to ACT and learn a little bit more about our past as a nation.
After lunch Barry came home, and is home for the night, before he ventures back out bush.
So this afternoon, we decided to go to Royal Australian Mint. This was very dissapointing. You can make your own $1 coin. However that isnt quite the truth. You slot $2.50 into a machine and out pops a $1 coin that hasnt been circulated. But it claims "you" make it. I think its a con, $2.50 for a $1 coin. Inflation!!!!!!!!!
Anyway some of the exhibits were interesting, and you can see where they make our money somewhat, and needless to say it really wasnt anything special. In fact it was a huge let down. I dont know if I was expecting something special about making money, but it wasnt what I had pictured.
Anyway off now to sit down and watch Jamie Oliver's cooking trip to Italy, so arriverderci for now.. Chow...