Friday, January 09, 2009

Dear Friend this one is for you!!

Ok so leading off my last post of all things loose and 'Organic'; The other night I went out to the vegie patch to dig up a couple of carrots for dinner when these little fellows came out of the ground linked and interwined togeather.. My 1st thought was "OH!!!" Perhaps I disturbed them too soon!!!llol Dear friend says Hubby had been away for too long... hehehe I will leave it at that shall I....
Anyway, because they were linked togeather I thought I would add this chain that I have made. Yes I am into making chain. In fact I am rather enjoying sitting there hammering, twisting and twining metal into chain. Very theraputic.. Its still early days of wire work, but throughly enjoying the learning process..
Dear friend 2, (you know who you are) yes you have to move from Sydney, that way I could feed you good organic twisty carrots...LOL!!! Love your new piece for Bali, too talented I tell you.

This pic is of my new experiemental Art Journal I am doing through Blue Bazaar. I have completed it I think for this months theme, but after showing Dear Friend number 1 today I am a little scared of sharing my journey into the unknown of art journalling. I shall take pics tomorrow and hopefully the camera will perform magic.. I will tell you that I did loose focus on the theme for a bit and went off and did my own thing.. I also have a couple of other projects that need to be blogged about but they will have to wait until at least the weekend...
Love Sarah


Jen Crossley said...

You didnt tell me your into chaining up unsually shaped carrots,come home Barry I beg of you.
Your art journel looks very abstract what can I say.
I now think of you chained to your art

Anonymous said...

Guess who wants his TOOLS back, that someone has taken,
1 Hammer
2 Tin snips
3 Anything else that belongs to you know who????