Monday, September 10, 2012

Moth in a box

 A few weeks back, a poor little moth passed over on my back door step, and  I marveled at its beauty and wanted to preserve this little creature to admire. So I got making a little box for he/she from polymer clay.
 I wanted to have a box that was not only open at the top, but the bottom too, so you can view him/her from underneath, so i cut a little window on the bottom. Once I did that, I placed some text transparency inside and poured Ice Resin until the box was full of this wonderfully crystal clear magic. The resin made its wings see through, with just the slightest of colour but with so much detail.

 Here you can see the bottom with his/her little window. Love holding it up to the light, a little view finder magic.
And thats my little Moth in a box