Monday, February 22, 2010


Last weekend I had the greatest pleasure of doing some wonderful jewellery classes my dear and wonderfully talented friend Jen Crossley. She taught a wide array of techniques including making bezels and using the wonderful ice resin. Here are the bezels we made and a big thank you to Jen for wiring my birdcage for me, these fingers of mine just dont have it when it comes to the fiddly stuff these days. Love you woman..LOL So in the last few days I have been madly finishing the bezels and attaching Jens pewter twigs and making them into necklaces. And this comes from a woman who always said, "I dont do jewellery" Thanks Jen for another addiction for collecting and making jewellery..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank you book

I made this little book for a dear friend Ness for putting up with me the whole weekend just passed so I could catch up with another dear friend Jen and do Jens wonderful classes.
The front and back covers are replicas of a tin type album. I made a silicon mould of the album, then squished in some polymer clay and baked in the oven until they were hard. Added paint, and then some rub and buff and you have album covers without ever using the real one, or until you want to.

Tiles for Ness

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