Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm backkkk....

 Hi there Bloggers, its me Sarah!  Sarah who you ask? Me, its me I am back, finally after more than a year away playing mum again, I am once again at the table creating. And it feels good. I am loving getting inky, gluey dirty fingers all over again. Even this little one who seems to have grown up way too fast, is loving watching her mum do what she loves. God forbib if anything is within her reach though. I never seem to get it back in the same state. LOL

 Anyway I have had a little play around in the last few months with creating some canvases for my daughters,  girlie fun stuff. And now I am back into the book making. I am like a mad woman who cant get enough. Thats what happens when you have a 1 year break. In fact I am making books to sell on etsy. Well I hope I am. Thats if I can part with them.  On the subject of etsy, I would like to say a big thank you to all the lovely ladies out there who have messaged me asking when I will be back in buisness. The answer to that is (Fingers Crossed) some time mid June I am hoping. Maybe earlier all going well.. Hmmfff who am I kidding, I have a 11 month old daughter. No I am more than hopeful it will be June sometime.LOL
 Anyway bloggers I must get some beauty sleep, its rather rare in this house, even after 11 months, but its getting much better, and if I want to get these hands dirty tomorrow, sleep is on the menu right now. If all plays out well in the coming days I shall upload some pics of some of the books I have just finished..
  Missed you all, and its great to be back..
Love Sarah