Friday, August 08, 2008

How dare you - August

This months theme over at Aussie Dares is Sand. Initially I struggled with the theme considering I am nowhere near a beach. Then like all things I had a great idea of doing a game/egg timer. Well needless to say they too were hard to find here in the country. I was not deterred, I would find one and that I did. Now I am not looking, what do I see all the time. Egg timers everywhere, ahhh most frustrating.

But seriously I really didnt have to look far to get sand, it was there the whole time, in fact it greets me every morning. The morning ritual of shaking the sand out of the school shoes of 7yr daughter. The endless supply of sand was there along.. Now come and play with sand and post a comment along with a link to your creation with sand.

Love Sarah



Viola said...

Sarah, I love your egg timer! What a gorgeous piece! :o)

Jen Crossley said...

Your eggtimer is awesome girl.You did a great job on this one I love it.It really looks old