Sunday, August 10, 2008

31 pages done...Phewww!!!

Months contemplating, 3 weeks of cutting, 2 weeks of glueing, 1 week of sourcing the right bits and pieces, and 2 1/2 rolls of double sided tape later, my 31 pages are complete for a Collaborative book swap. Wow what a monumental effort that was. I cant wait to get the book back later in the year and see what 31 other wonderfully artistic women have created.


Viola said...

Wonderful work again, Sarah! They look so great!!!!!

Judy said...

Looks wonderful but I think I would go crazy havign to do 31 of the same thing = good job.
Thanks for my blog comment too - looking forward to meeting you soonish.

Jen Crossley said...

wow thats a lot of pages

Rein said...

Gorgeous art work!
beautiful pieces.

Sanderijn said...

This is AWESOME! I wish I was in that swap!!!I left a nomination for you on my blog

Gretz said...

Awesome work Sarah - I am looking forward to this collab book!!