Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Catch up..

No internet=creativity Can u believe it. Yes thats what happened to me over the weekend. My anti virus software cut my modem off, and me being technology challenged with the inside workings of a computer had to wait until Monday to fix it all. After 2 1/2hrs on the phone to lovely non english speaking tech support people, we are back on line. (I wont tell you all I had to do was click on one bloody button and we would have been a little less stressed all weekend

Anyway this time away from the internet gave me time to start and finish a few UFO's. One was to start my Halloween book which is my indulgence to play with all my stamps and techniques I have been busting to play with. Front and back covers are done, but not decorated yet, 1 page complete, and a few on the go.

I also finished off my Halloween ATC's for a swap I am hosting. I cant wait to see what all the other girls have done.

I also made a little shriney box thingo to put inside my "H" book, horrible photo I know, its not easy taking photos with transparents objects on them. But you get my drift.

I must thank the lovely Jasmin for this wonderful award.

And another BIG thank you to the lovely Susan for this award too.

I know I have to nominate 5 people with blogs that inspire me, but I just find it all to hard to decide on which ones. So I am chickening out this time round, there are just so many inspiring people out there.

Ok postie just delivered my "Twinchies" from a swap hosted by Teresa, so I am off to druel over everyones tiny pieces of art, and will take a photo of them later.

If you have managed to read all this ramble congrats you are now one of my nominees for inspiring people. LOL!!!
Love Sarah


Viola said...

Sarah, your new pieces look so gorgeous! Love them all!!

R said...

Sarah, Can you email me I deleted your new email addy and need to talk to you about the Dares. Rebecca

Moniqui said...

All cool stuff Sarah! Gorgeous!

Sharon said...

I was just popping over to say thank you for visiting. I should have known better to do that what stuff is cooking. I'll be back.

LizzieA01 said...

Loving the work - maybe I should shut off my internet connection too... maybe not!

Peta's page said...

ooooooooo i so love your work!!! sorry for the long absence.... just finished drooling! i don't know where you get your inspirations from!! if you have any spare - send it my way! :_)

Jen Crossley said...

Your work blows me away girl Awesome as always
Ps now for some drilling!!!