Monday, May 31, 2010

More jewellery making going on

Yes I defiently caught the jewellery making bug.. (thanks Jen) Here is another piece I have been playing around with. Again Tim Holtz'z clock faces which I adore, an aged circle mirror with those cute kids from Collections and beautiful crown bezel.
I am loving the process of jewellery making at the moment, the whole piece making, glueing, riveting, screwing, chaining, sawing, etc. Its very fullfilling when something comes togeather and works, and that is pretty too helps..
In regards to some emails I have recieved about selling my jewellery pieces, I have to say I really am in 2 minds at the moment about it. Call it a lack of confidence mainly, but also some of the supplies I use. For example the metal wire and findings that I use are no where near superior like sterling silver or gold in that fact. Many of my pieces are made from annealed steel wire and copper which can and does tarnish and rust with time. So I dont want somebody to return in 2 months time saying my chain has rusted, or links tarnished etc.. And lastly I really wouldnt have a clue on how much to price my items. See its just dilemma after dilemma that I struggle with. I am sure I will come to a decision soon enough, but for now, I am just happy to learn, experiment and create.
Love Sarah


Jen Crossley said...

One day I hope you will sell your piece they are just so beautiful.
You have come along way from the girl who said "I dont do Jewerly" I think were your exact words.
A elephant never forgets LOL.
Keep up the amazing inspiration

Janine said...

Love this one too Sarah.... considering your comments to Jen, you certainly are "doing jewellery!" xo

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