Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marie Antionette Mixed Media book

Introducing ***Marie Marie***, a mixed media book on Maire Antionette.
I had the great pleasure of taking a weekend class with the uber uber talented Judy Wilkenfeld in late 08 where we learned many of her creative secrets in creating wonderful mixed media books that tell a story.
After the last couple of years of collecting bits and pieces, and getting the story of Marie and the sequence of how "I" wanted her story to be told, she is finally complete. Please enjoy the slide show of her story through my eyes.
Love Sarah


Lucy said...

Absolutely Beautiful Sarah!! I see Judy's influence in your storytelling of the life of Marie.
Hugs Lucy

Samantha Marshall said...

A fittingly opulent and lavish book-gorgeous!!!

Teresa said...

Absolutely gorgeous Sarah!

lindacreates said...

Your book is breathtaking! You must feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment. BRAVO


Hi Sarah
OMG this is make this your own Woman.I have to come and see you and if you tell me you got all the trims and trinkets here in Darwin I shall kill you slowly Bahahaha....sorry I shall kill me slowly for not knowing *grin*....STUFF Jury Duty I am going AWOL to go visit Sarah instead!!

Andrea said...

This is so stunning!

Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

Glorious my darling! Just glorious!

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Sarah you have really outdone yourself this time.Your book is sensational to say the least.

Michele said...

Sarah your book is absolutely breathtakingly, beautiful. A great credit to you.

Judy said...

All good things comes to those that wait! Spectacular result with your book. xx

Sanderijn said...

It's stunning Sarah, I love all the fabric and lace looks it gives me, it makes me wanna make something beautiful like that too!!!oh little question, if it's okay, will you change my old web-log url-link on your site, in the new one? it's thanks, love Sanderijn

suziqu's thread works said...

OMG this is totally awesome. What a credit to your creative abilities. Yes I can see the Judy influence here and what an amazing story to deliver. Gorgeous work. I am now following.
All good wishes.