Sunday, October 26, 2008

Paperific and Collections..

Last weekend was Paperific here in Melbourne and I had the wonderful pleasure of working for the wonderful Julie of Collections. It was totally crazy from wo to go, non stop enjoyment for a paperlover I can tell you that much. Julie was absoutley lovely, Jenny was a hoot as always, and the lovely Kerry was an absolute laugh and a pleasure to work along side with.
Jenny and I tag teamed the make and take table, and can I say teaching 300 make and takes over the weekend is no easy feat. They were so popular the waiting list at times reached a 3 hour wait. For most part most of the ladies were incredibly patient and some so not. But one has to realise the make and takes are free for starters, there are many people at different levels of paper crafting and may have never sponged ink, used chipboard etc, so as a teacher we want to share these techniques to people so they too can expand and enjoy their papercrafting experience.
I also met many online friends and put names to faces. Many I didnt get a chance to chat with, but I was there to work afterall, and unfortunately was unable to go out to the dinner with them on the Friday night. But I was thinking of you all. Paperific was fabulous, would do it again in a heartbeat, meeting and teaching was incredibly fun, so thank you Julie for a wonderful weekend.
Can you see all the Collections goodies I came home with... Oh hours of fun there...
Love Sarah


Sarah Schwerin said...

Lucky you! I love collections stuff - I was lucky to see their booth at SIA and was just blown away! Have a box of stuff just waiting to be played with! If only I had a box of spare time...

Jen Crossley said...

It was great tag teaming with you Sarah I think we need a good wrestling name HM??
Im so glad I had you to help me with those 300 make and take

Ro Bruhn said...

That's a familiar face I see there, my mate Jen. I missed Paperific this time unfortunately.