Friday, October 31, 2008

***h@pPy H@LLoWeEn***

Happy Halloween to everyone who is celebrating tonight.. Only if I was more organised I would have more to show in my Halloween book. However Mr Owl will have to suffice for now. The inspiration for Mr Owl came from the woman herself Jenny
and the window from the awesome talented Audrey . Both owl, windows and branches are all part of the Collections goodness I came home with from Paperific.
Today went junk shopping and this is what I had to come home with. A beautiful oval frame, that shall be painted black.. An old index card drawer, that will house my handmade cards. A fabulous old bread bakers tin that will house my bits and pieces on my desk such as scissors, glues, inks all the essentials.. I also got some lovely tattered and crochets doiles, gloves, postcards that will be used next weekend at Judy's
class here in Melbourne. I am so looking forward to it. I am just hoping that the perfect book I bought off ebay, many months ago for this class, arrives this week. If not plan B will have to have to be used.. Dont ask, I dont have one yet!!!LOL
Love Sarah


Sarah Schwerin said...

Wow! Love your book cover! Looks like you got some awesome stuff on your shopping expedition today! Very cool.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Sarah this is just awesome girl I love how it turned out your amazing.
Cant wait for our next junking trip yesterday was fun.Look forward to our workshop with Judy next weekend should be a HOOT!!

Judy said...

Very nice indeed.
Dont worry about the book - will teach you how to make one if all else fails.