Thursday, June 19, 2008

Artist Trading Pins

Today the postie delivered a fabulous parcel of amazing little creations in the form of Artist Trading Pins. The swap was held by the lovely for Arty Oz.
Every pin is beautifully detailed and my photo of them all just doesnt show how lovely they all are...
This is the pin board I made just for these lovely pins and couple of and my creations.
Love Sarah


NessH said...

Sarah..this pin board just looks amazing...what a collection you have...I really love the little coat hanger for Michelles pin..what a clever idea

lindacreates said...

These are awesome sarah Im spending your money already LOL in Michael's and you would love the Martha Stewart stuff

Anonymous said...

woooooowwww so beautiful!!!!I love them all!!

Peta's page said...

they look lovely!!! and the pinboard you made is incredible!

Anonymous said...

these pins look stunning!