Monday, March 31, 2008

An ATC and tagged...

On Friday night I spent a fabulous evening with some very inspiring ladies at a crop and I managed to make an ATC. That was after I brain strained Jen (I havent figured out to link blogsite to name yet) and we made a little Jen heavenly house charmy thingamjig that I just love and havent stopped touching since Fri night...(its sooo nice...)
However afterwards I managed to half complete an ATC using one of Tim Holtz's new stamps. See that 'Good for one fare' coin, the lovely Jen gave that to me, isnt it fab, where does she find these things hey!!! Ok off to think about the next post and how much I am willing to share...I am the shy retiring type you know!!!
Love Sarah


Jen Crossley said...

You quiet and retiring !!! well yes of course.It was great to spend the night with an arty girl Yes!!