Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The last few days

The last few days has been a busy one. Friday started off at the Zoo for Imogens end of year excursion for school. It was a stinking hot day here in Melbourne, and of course most of the animals were asleep.
That afternoon, Barry and Imogen went up to McDonalds for dinner, when the lovely As&&^$ banged into our car and drove leaving an $800 bill,
Thank you and hope you have a horrible christmas. (thankfully insured, however paying the excess at this time of the year is a bitter pill to swallow)
That night all was forgotton with a fantastic dinner with a bunch of wonderful women I proudly call friends who I have got to know over this year from school. Never known a bunch of girls to laugh so much so thank you!!!
Then Saturady Barrys work break up party that will have to be next post. Lot of fun and a very long day.
Sunday a road trip down the glorious great ocean rd. Time to just chill and scourer rock pools for wonderful undersea creatures. And to have good fish'n'chips.
In between a few last minute making christmas cards and a house warming card for Lynne who has just moved to the countryside 5 mins from here. Having morning tea with the girls tomorrow morning out at Lynnes new home. Anyway its now 1.10am in the morning, I am totally exhausted after making 60 gingerbread men for Christmas and for Imogens little school mates, so I am now going to hit the hay and will update more later this week.