Sunday, March 05, 2006


Today Imogen and I went to Hall markets and I was quite dissappointed in them. Not much there considering its suppose to be the biggest in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps may years ago it was, but its nothing special. I did get a new dogs mat and Imogen had her first pony ride. And yes I did forget to take my camera with me, which usually never leaves my bag. After lunch Barry came home and shall be spending more time at home for the next few weeks. Hip hip hooray.... This afternoon we went up to the sergents mess for a few drinks, not much to report on there, so the only other exciting thing to report on is my easter pop up book that I working on so here's a sneak peak....


pete & nick said...

Is Halls market supposed to be like our Vic Market??..
Happy for me!!!
Easter cards...ahh lovely!!
love ya love nic

pete & nick said...

Hey Mum and Dad..if you are reading these daily updates and comments...which Sarah and I know you are!!!....try leaving one for a change!! instead of just havin a geez at our banter!!!! love you too love nic