Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pialligo Apple Orchard

Today Imogen's pre-school went on an excursion to the Pialligo Apple Orchard, which is just down the road. And to much of Imogen's disgust, I went along to assist. Well if you call taking loads of photos assisting, well I did a great job then.
It was a totally organic orchard, and the apples were 'delicous!!' We were able to pick 8 apples, then go back up to the apple juicing shed to watch how juice is made, then able to taste test and buy a bottle. It was 'bonza' I tell you.
Imogen is still a bit off color and seems like the problem is easing, but hasn't totally gone away. Poor little bugger, at least her mind was of her belly for a few hours today, with the apples, and her little mate Georgie who popped over for a play...


aussie wallies said...

what now , atleast sim im is off MANGOS for a while???? and into proper fruit.