Tuesday, February 28, 2006

View from Mount Pleasant

Yes, today we finally got to Woden shopping centre for some retail therapy. We got Imogen some really cool winter clothes and pink cowboy boots, so stay tuned for winter shots in the coming months. If not days. This morning we had our first dew, so its only a matter of time before the BIG freeze kicks in.
Anyway here are couple of shots from Mt Pleasant last night. The first one is of looking over the Russle offices, the hub of the defence force, you can see the big eagle on a concrete pillar that the US government gave to Australia as a present. Wasnt that nice of them. Ahhhh..
Past the concrete eagle you can see Lake Burley Griffin with the large water fountain, and here is a fact for those that are interested. At any given time there is at least 5 tonne, yes 5 tonne of water in the air... Interesting hey!!!
Over to the right is Telstra tower which has the best views ever.
The other photo is looking over Duntroon. Our house is down there somewhere under all those trees. But the building you can see in the foreground is where Barry's office is, and the buiding with all the spikie roofs is Duntroon House. No not our house but the officers mess.
Well thats all for today chat with you tomorrow... Chow...


pete & nick said...

Came online as soon as i got home from work to get my SAIMBA fix for the day and...TA DA!!..here it is...you never fail to entertain!!!!!!!!!...you know you should seriously write a travel guide for defence families(and/or other interested parties!)..or approach them or your local council(whoever that is any given year!) to become an ambassador for whatever municipality you are living in...You are sooo enthusiastic...it is ALMOST!! contagious!!!!...love ya love nick