Sunday, February 26, 2006

Howdy Y'all

Howdy Y'all, hope you are all great on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. Today Imogen, neighbours and I went for a walk around Duntroon, up to the playground, then the hedge maze, around to the lovely rose garden and around beautiful old Duntroon House, which is the officer's mess. It is a beautiful building and hopefully in the coming weeks I will get up there and take some shots to share with you. If I am lucky I might even get a chance to go inside. I have been told there is a grand stair case and the decor is die for. I shall keep you all posted on that one.
Other than that we pottered once again around the acreage, mowing, cleaning, feeding the vegies, which are now sprouted, and de webbing the outside of the house. There is so many spiders here it's unreal. Tonight on David Attenborough ABC there was a programm on spiders and I was most interested in the red backs, and how they form their webs. They showed how they did it, they have a very distinct way too, and needless to say if I knew, what I know now, I wouldn't have been so carefree today around the garden bed under the bathroom window, where "I know NOW" there was a very large red back spiders web.. Looks like the spray is coming out tomorrow morning..... On that note nightey night....


pete & nick said...

As lovely as imogen about a pic of the SA and BA components of SAIMBA Inc!!!!!!!!! perhaps pottering around "the acreage" or first thing in the morning..thats always value!!...Anyways sounds like a pleasant day was had...looking forward to the next nic