Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pause in art transmission to remember

this time 9 yrs ago, I had just fed my 8 week old baby, I placed her in her bouncer ready to let the dogs out and wake my man to go to bed when i saw on the late news a plane had flown into a building in the US. Thinking to myself, what a terrible accident, a small plane off course. I phoned my mum, as i always do every night, I was telling her about the news, so she turned to that channel. As we were watching togeather via the phone we witnessed that 2nd plane flying into Tower 2. I remember clearly I swore quite a bit. Woke the man up then, I didnt even give him a chance to rub his eyes when I unloaded this upon him. Bless him, Straight away he said Terriorists. I was like "WHAT!" This was the night I learnt about terrorists other than the IRA. This was the night that the world changed, the night we would never see young children see inside a cock pit of an areoplane again, this would be the night to see my husband go to war for the 2nd time, this would be the night that would eventually see many of our friends not make it home from war, (Tash always thinking of you mate), this one night would see so many people die, and continue to die from diseases from the all the contaminated dust that fell from those 2 buildings, and the on going war in Afghanistan. As a young mum, I was frightened, scared to death, of what the future held, and does hold. And all i have to say to you who did this, who changed the world is... fuck you. Fuck you, fuck u fuck u.