Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I'm still around

Just letting you all know that I am still around, though not creating anything at the moment as my motivation has taken flight and gone on what looks like a long hoilday. Unfortunately because of a whole heap of stuff that is happening around here, and lack of above, I have resigned from Aussies Dares as I just cant give my all at the moment. Thank you Rebecca for letting me play along with all the dares, I enjoyed the challenges greatly.
I also had to cancel a few other commitments that were due later in the year, and to a certain lady, and a bunch of girls (you all know who you are..LOL) I am so sorry and know that you understand with whats going on here. (nothing serious people) so dont think anything bad..LOL
No doubt the inspiration to create again will return, when I dont know, soon I hope. But for now I have nothing to share other than this photo of my motivation being flown off to a warmer climate no doubt...
Perhaps a new blog look will be the start of some creativity at least for now.
Love Sarah


Teresa Abajo said...

Oh Sarah - I feel for you. I hope you find some inspiration soon - the art world (well my little world at least) misses you terribly!

Unknown said...

good to see you back Sarah. I hope your mojo returns soon.

Scrappelise said...

I`m still following your blog cause it gives me lots of inspiration. So I will send you all the best and hope to see your lovely work again when you have had a good rest. love Anne Lise

Gretz said...

I know what will help you out of this!

The Art Dr prescribes you a class with JVO and a healthy spending spree of new collections product!


See you soon??

Jen Crossley said...

Take time dear Sarah you plate is full at the moment but a Health side dish of "crozza" is just what you need to order