Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Mail Day

Today I recieved this wonderful nicho from PaperForest Designs which I won through my Halloween piece I did for Inkurable stampers last month. I was so excited when Sarah from Inkurable Stampers emailed me to tell me I had won one of the sponsors prizes. Thank you Sarah and thank you to Jo from PaperForest. Now any thoughts on how to decorate my lovely little nicho???
Love Sarah


Teabagstains said...

your work is amazing, i would show you some of mine, but i just started blogging so not much on there now.

<3 just lovely

NessH said...

what a stunning nichos...I might have to get that one..I had a play with one alittle while ago...they are just great pressies..
while I am here...Happy Birthday for Tues....21 again?? a little birdie told me it was your birthday...a little G birdie

Jen Crossley said...

How Lucky are you really how lucky

Sarah Schwerin said...

Awesome! I love that one! So excited to see what you do with it!

Chris S said...

gorgeous HEART!