Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Half price sale @ my etsy store.

If you have ever wanted one of my little books, the time is now. I  am having a half price sale for a limited time only.  So jump over to my etsy store and browse what's on offer.  Happy shopping..

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween Books

 I love Halloween, and I especially love making Halloween books.. Here are just a few ready for my etsy shop, and more will be uploaded in coming weeks...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The last Alice in Wonderland book-special silver bling book

Well here she is. The very last Alice in Wonderland book that I will make. She has had a great run and I thank you all for purchasing Alice in the past. This being the last Alice book, I wanted her to go out with  a bit of a blingy bang, so to speak.
  So I decided to go silver and bling her out. A little over the top I know, but being the last, she had to be special. She is available on my etsy store, and I hope where ever she ends up, she will bring joy and happiness.

Paris time book

I have been playing a little with silver lately and how I can make my books looked aged with it, without it being over the top blingy. (I'll leave that for my next book which I am about to upload). This book is inspired with my love of all things french, with it fine elegance and grace.
 This book is available on my etsy store..

Bird bath faux daguerrotype book

 Here is one of my latest book creations. Its modelled once again from and 1800's daguerrotype album. I just adore this little book. Such lovely details in the birds on the bird bath.
This book is available on my etsy store

Saturday, May 10, 2014

She blogs annually... LOL

G-day there, Is there anyone that follows my blog anymore? Because i sure know I wouldnt after leaving it a year or so to blog. It seems to be an annual event for me, though now I have my garden in good shape after neally 2 years of remodelling, weeding and establishing. I am finding that I am back again at my desk finding my creative mojo again. And enjoying the process of inky gluey fingers instead of dirt and cracked skin from gardening..
Anyway I have been busy with making of course my beloved little books, not only for myself, but to sell on etsy.  Here's a selection of what I have been up to. And fingers crossed I shall blog more often. Until then get creative and if your interested in any of my books, just click on my etsy link on the side.
  Chow for now

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Old but new

Hello there bloggers, I do hope this post finds you all well and fabulous. Well I know its been sometime since I posted let alone been creative. But since Christmas I have been squirrling a little time away each day to be a little bit crafty. And of course being a new year, its time for a new look for my popular Alice in wonderland books
 Unfortuately i have been forced to make them slighly larger with a different cover design as I just cant get the small alice design paper anymore. Only the larger, and sparingly at that. So I decided to try out a new decoration for the cover as well as the old design.  I have listed them on etsy and will be making more in the coming weeks.
 As for my absence here and etsy, after 20 years of being a military wife moving from one house to another, we decided to buy and I have had my head down the rabbit hole so to speak. Gardening that is, and I am loving it. Growing our own veg and designing new parts of the garden has only been a dream for 20yrs, and now its a reality and I am throughly enjoying the process. Oh and through in a 19mnth very active gorgeous little girl, a pre teen and a hubby, one has had her hands happily fullfilled. 
 But now we are settled, my itchy hands that have been soil stained for some months, now wish to go back to their old gluey, inked up hands for awhile yet. So more books to come, so stay tuned. Take care all
Love Sarah

Monday, September 10, 2012

Moth in a box

 A few weeks back, a poor little moth passed over on my back door step, and  I marveled at its beauty and wanted to preserve this little creature to admire. So I got making a little box for he/she from polymer clay.
 I wanted to have a box that was not only open at the top, but the bottom too, so you can view him/her from underneath, so i cut a little window on the bottom. Once I did that, I placed some text transparency inside and poured Ice Resin until the box was full of this wonderfully crystal clear magic. The resin made its wings see through, with just the slightest of colour but with so much detail.

 Here you can see the bottom with his/her little window. Love holding it up to the light, a little view finder magic.
And thats my little Moth in a box

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spooky Halloween Book No 3.

 And here is the last of my Halloween books for this year.  They are available on etsy right now. Just click here

Halloween Book 2

 For sale on Etsy

itty bitty Halloween Book

Beautiful spooky little girl Halloween Book with Graphic 45's Halloween paper collection. It is up on
Etsy now.