Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween Books

 I love Halloween, and I especially love making Halloween books.. Here are just a few ready for my etsy shop, and more will be uploaded in coming weeks...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The last Alice in Wonderland book-special silver bling book

Well here she is. The very last Alice in Wonderland book that I will make. She has had a great run and I thank you all for purchasing Alice in the past. This being the last Alice book, I wanted her to go out with  a bit of a blingy bang, so to speak.
  So I decided to go silver and bling her out. A little over the top I know, but being the last, she had to be special. She is available on my etsy store, and I hope where ever she ends up, she will bring joy and happiness.

Paris time book

I have been playing a little with silver lately and how I can make my books looked aged with it, without it being over the top blingy. (I'll leave that for my next book which I am about to upload). This book is inspired with my love of all things french, with it fine elegance and grace.
 This book is available on my etsy store..

Bird bath faux daguerrotype book

 Here is one of my latest book creations. Its modelled once again from and 1800's daguerrotype album. I just adore this little book. Such lovely details in the birds on the bird bath.
This book is available on my etsy store