Thursday, February 07, 2013

Old but new

Hello there bloggers, I do hope this post finds you all well and fabulous. Well I know its been sometime since I posted let alone been creative. But since Christmas I have been squirrling a little time away each day to be a little bit crafty. And of course being a new year, its time for a new look for my popular Alice in wonderland books
 Unfortuately i have been forced to make them slighly larger with a different cover design as I just cant get the small alice design paper anymore. Only the larger, and sparingly at that. So I decided to try out a new decoration for the cover as well as the old design.  I have listed them on etsy and will be making more in the coming weeks.
 As for my absence here and etsy, after 20 years of being a military wife moving from one house to another, we decided to buy and I have had my head down the rabbit hole so to speak. Gardening that is, and I am loving it. Growing our own veg and designing new parts of the garden has only been a dream for 20yrs, and now its a reality and I am throughly enjoying the process. Oh and through in a 19mnth very active gorgeous little girl, a pre teen and a hubby, one has had her hands happily fullfilled. 
 But now we are settled, my itchy hands that have been soil stained for some months, now wish to go back to their old gluey, inked up hands for awhile yet. So more books to come, so stay tuned. Take care all
Love Sarah