Tuesday, February 28, 2006

View from Mount Pleasant

Yes, today we finally got to Woden shopping centre for some retail therapy. We got Imogen some really cool winter clothes and pink cowboy boots, so stay tuned for winter shots in the coming months. If not days. This morning we had our first dew, so its only a matter of time before the BIG freeze kicks in.
Anyway here are couple of shots from Mt Pleasant last night. The first one is of looking over the Russle offices, the hub of the defence force, you can see the big eagle on a concrete pillar that the US government gave to Australia as a present. Wasnt that nice of them. Ahhhh..
Past the concrete eagle you can see Lake Burley Griffin with the large water fountain, and here is a fact for those that are interested. At any given time there is at least 5 tonne, yes 5 tonne of water in the air... Interesting hey!!!
Over to the right is Telstra tower which has the best views ever.
The other photo is looking over Duntroon. Our house is down there somewhere under all those trees. But the building you can see in the foreground is where Barry's office is, and the buiding with all the spikie roofs is Duntroon House. No not our house but the officers mess.
Well thats all for today chat with you tomorrow... Chow...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Baton Relay

Today was an eventful day. Picked Barry's mum Linda up from the airport early this morning, then took Imogen to pre-school, there we discovered that the Queen's Baton relay for the Commonwealth Games was heading to Duntroon this morning. So off we went just up the road and watched the fan fair pass by.
After Imogen finished school, we went to Tuggernong Hyperdome shopping centre. (We were going to Woden), however I didnt get a chance to take the turn off, bloody Canberra signage, so we kept heading south for the Tuggernong. Not much there to report on.
After dinner, we took Linda for a tour around Duntroon, then up to Mount Pleasant Look out, and watched the sunset over the capital.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Howdy Y'all

Howdy Y'all, hope you are all great on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. Today Imogen, neighbours and I went for a walk around Duntroon, up to the playground, then the hedge maze, around to the lovely rose garden and around beautiful old Duntroon House, which is the officer's mess. It is a beautiful building and hopefully in the coming weeks I will get up there and take some shots to share with you. If I am lucky I might even get a chance to go inside. I have been told there is a grand stair case and the decor is die for. I shall keep you all posted on that one.
Other than that we pottered once again around the acreage, mowing, cleaning, feeding the vegies, which are now sprouted, and de webbing the outside of the house. There is so many spiders here it's unreal. Tonight on David Attenborough ABC there was a programm on spiders and I was most interested in the red backs, and how they form their webs. They showed how they did it, they have a very distinct way too, and needless to say if I knew, what I know now, I wouldn't have been so carefree today around the garden bed under the bathroom window, where "I know NOW" there was a very large red back spiders web.. Looks like the spray is coming out tomorrow morning..... On that note nightey night....

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Shabby Chic Altered Book

Hello all, thought I would share my latest project which I completed today. Some would remember I used to make these altered books with greeting cards and antique gold paint. But now I have shabby chic'ed it up with photos, crackle medium and of course scrapbooking stuff. Hopefully now that I have my creative juices flowing again, I can get stuck into some wonderful easter creations...Thats the plan anyway.
Imogen is doing great. At the moment is playing dress up's with her mate Jack. "Getting married" she tells me. Should I be worried????? Hope you enjoy the photos....

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pic of Imogen on her 1st day of preschool

Here she is on her first day of preschool, which was last week. Imogen is having a wonderful time discovering her new school and friends. I went to an information night last week, and I am amazed at how much they do in one day. Busy little people playing and learning at the same time.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our first blog

Here we are, we have jumped on the blog band wagon and finally have our very own spot to share our adventures and journey's.
So here goes.

Today we potted around the acreage and did some much needed gardening and maitenance. Silly us in 34.C heat. However it all got done for another week or 2.
Then we sat down to a lovely lamb roast, and Trudy's famous gravy recipe. Yumm Yumm
And to finish the day off, we finally took Imogen down to Lake Burley Griffin to feed all the black swans at Kingston.