Monday, September 29, 2008

My 1st MM Jewellery Piece.

This is my 1st real MM jewellery piece totally inspired by the wonderful
I finally got my hands on a Dremel and went to town in the last few days with driling, grinding, cutting, polishing etc etc... This little tool is incredibly addictive, and so wonderfully easy to use, I am in love with my new toy can you tell.
Here I played with metal etching and patinas which I did a few months, just waiting for the chance to drill a few holes in it. Chopped a tiny birdcage in half, used a penny tin type photo, attempted to make a birds nest. Now all I have to do is learn to make some links for a chain and then it will be completed.
The half birdcage idea came from Judy of Red Velevet, from her "Fair Maid of Perth" book she has on her blog. Absoutley stunning book, and she is teaching it in Melbourne in November and I cant wait. I am so behind in stocking up on supplies for it though, so later this week, looks like I will be hitting the internet big time, and hoping the goods arrive before the class.
Check out Judy and Jens blog to see awesome work...
Love Sarah

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I finally did it too...

After months of putting it off, I finally conquered the nerves to go for my grading for yellow belt this morning.
Imogen did hers a couple of months back, and I was suppose to do it with her, though big mama bear here got a wee bit scared. Plus I had to learn a few extra things than what she needed to do. I am sore and tired, but relieved its finally done...
Love Sarah

Friday, September 19, 2008

Aussie Dares- Sept

This is my piece for this months theme over at Aussie Dares. This months theme is "The Everyday."
Can you spot the spelling mistake. That darn "Y" went for a wonder around my desk, and wasnt discovered until it went up on the Aussie Dares site, then decided to reappear on my desk. Have I fixed it yet. Sadly no, though I do plan to.. Only if there was spell check on art pieces hey!!! Shows I am only human...LOL
Anyway Rebecca has worked hard at getting 20 new designers for Aussie Dares , so pop over and see a wonderful assortment of art work. I look forward to getting to know all the girls and especially cant wait to see more of their work..
Love Sarah

House Book swap- The Glass house..

This house is for Nikki and her theme was "The Glass house."
This one had me stumped there for awhile, but once I got started I really enjoyed making this one.
I cuttlebugged thick transparencies and cut them up and made a mosiac as the background. Hard to see in the pic, and fiddly to do... But I got the overall effect I was after... I hope both Nikki and Gail like their houses.
Love Sarah

House Book swap- Vintage Men..

This is the 1st house for a house book swap I am in. The are 15 ladies, and each of us have chosen our own theme for our book, and each month we make a house with the chosen theme and post it on the lady who's month it is. Did any of that make sense????
This is for Gails house book and her theme was "Vintage Men."
Love Sarah

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

MM challenge @ Blue Bazaar

This months mixed media theme over @ Blue Bazaar is "Texture Paste".

So I dug out those Making Memories dingbat foam stamps and stamped them into the texture paste that I lathered onto a canvas. Waited patiently for it to dry (not) used a heat gun, painted a wash of golden paints over it, a couple of script stamps, flowers, metal frame and of course the queen herself Marie Antoinette, who needed some pearls, beads and feathers and hung her up with a vintage bag holder, no less from France itself. Big thank you to Greta for that too.. The perfect finishing touch for such a queenly lady who probably had never carried a shopping bag in her life.. One can only wish!!!!Love Sarahx0x0x0x0x0